Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maxim's Palace, Shun Tak Centre

Finally. Dim sum in an air-conditioned room, with clean tables which you don't have to fight for or share, and waiters who actually serve you. I never thought I'd say this but dim sum can actually be a very relaxing affair. I used to think Maxim's was far too loud and hectic, but that was before paying visits to Lin Heung, Tim Ho Wan, and Xin Xing Shi Jia which brought a whole new level to the word madhouse.

My recent visit to Maxim's Palace in Shun Tak Centre was met with newfound appreciation. Everything was efficient, hygienic, organised, and so so quiet. I forgot how much space you could have between two tables, and was so happy to be able to communicate through words rather than random gestures and iPhone texts.

The restaurant was recently refurbished and it looks pretty amazing. It's more spacious now, though there must be at least 80 tables still. The wait time was only about 10 mins (we went at 1pm on Sunday) but what made me even happier was getting to sit in front of the kitchen:

It looks so much cleaner than the recent kitchens I've seen in local dim sum joints! Such a relief! This is how a proper kitchen should look.

What I loved most about the change to this restaurant is that they've brought back the trolley cart ladies! And with improved carts - on the front of each one is an electronic display with a slideshow of all their delectable dishes. They also had all this dim sum I can hardly find anymore - including deep fried shrimp wontons with mayo and my favourite wu gok! Unfortunately, I was suffering from ulcers so stayed clear of the fried foods on this trip.

The har cheong was okay la... The rice flour was delicious and prawns were sufficiently plump but the sauce was just soy sauce!! :( Would've been so much better with the sweetened soy sauce...

Ham sui gok was quite fried but my friend seemed to find it alright.

Cha siu bao bun was really good! Filling wasn't bad either :) Happy with this.

Har gau was yummy!! The skin had a great texture and look how big the shrimps are!

This was under their signature dishes. Can't remember the exact name but it was just rice flour wrapped around chicken. It was SO BLAND even when doused in the sauce. Definitely don't order this.

Chiu Chow dumplings were super tasty! Loved the fillings, though I probably shouldn't have eaten them with all the peanuts and my ulcers kicking in. However, it was well worth it and I was good enough to at least stay clear of the chili oil this time round.

All the diligent workers waiting to serve food :) I was quite impressed with the service which was on the whole pretty efficient. Also, one trolley lady was pushing around a cart full of goodies and we asked her if she had cha siu sou but she had all run out. She came around a while later and was quick to stop at our table presenting her trolley full of cha siu sou's. It's the little things eh?

Unfortunately, it took forever for us to get our bill...But that's only a minor glitch and we weren't in any hurry. I enjoyed my meal and look forward to going back to try all the unhealthy items I couldn't eat this time round!

Maxim's Palace
B13-B18, Shun Tak Centre
168-200 Connaught Road Central
Sheung Wan