Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fuel For Studying

I don't know how I would get through exams without all these goodies I've been munching on in the past week or so:

goodies from London :)

My favourite Mcvitie's penguin bars!!! I polished off four of these in less days than that, even while trying to ration! Joke of the day: Why did the 2 penguins jump when they first met? ... To break the ice! Hehe.

(NB: for all you Penguin lovers, I've finally located them in Hong Kong at Oliver's supermarket in Prince's Bldg. Unfortunately, they're like $45 a pack...)

goodies from switzerland :)

this one was absolute heaven.

mandarin easter bunny

I've only allowed myself to pick at the flowers so far. This is much too pretty to eat!!

Courtesy of my amazing mother and her numerous trips around Europe, as well as to Foodie magazine for the bunny! I'm probably the only one who ever bothers entering contests but it works out well for me :)

Post-exam dieting much needed. Er, as well as some Kettle chips to offset all this sweetness...