Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sweet Classroom

My adventurous side has taken a backseat recently as I've found myself drawn to the same familiar spots these past few weeks. Sometimes, it's just easier choosing something you know - No disappointments, No fuss, No dashed expectations. But while I've been sticking to the same restaurants, I'll never pass up trying new dessert joints!

Sweet Classroom, again conveniently located on Third Street, is a tiny dessert shop that is said to have amazing tiramisu. The decor is quite cosy, imitating a classroom as the name suggests, and the menu is written on old exercise books. There's a number of Western and Chinese desserts but the Western ones sound far more decadent and exciting.

I was tempted to try the Chocolate Lava Cake or Vanilla Souffle, but I've been looking for good tiramisu everywhere in HK and was determined to stick to the game plan.

Looked so pretty when it came with ample dusting of cocoa powder :) This was delicious - though definitely not your conventional tiramisu. It hardly tasted like cake at all, more akin to tiramisu ice cream as it was so soft. Though I'm definitely not complaining - it was super creamy and melted in my mouth. Pretty decadent :D Needs a bit more coffee flavour though.

I'll be back to try their signature desserts like the Hokkaido Milk Souffle as well as their Taiwanese shaved ice! Yum!

And on a sidenote, My Sushi (reviewed below) have recently introduced new mini rice bowls to their menu. Check out this beauty:

Mini salmon rice bowl with avocado. It was simply delicious and only cost $23 (though the size of the bowl is pretty tiny). They also have mini unagi rice bowls and I believe a mini uni rice bowl but must confirm the latter.

Sweet Classroom
G/F, 150 Third Street
Sai Ying Pun

Open 15:00-00:00
Closed Tuesdays