Sunday, May 29, 2011


I absolutely love carbs and bagels are definitely up there on my list of top bready items. They were so delicious in the States - smoked salmon cream cheese bagels, lightly toasted with a hint of dill, or my go-to breakfast of a honey wheat bagel slathered with cream cheese. Bagel perfection.

Bagels in Hong Kong used to be a pretty sad affair - of the commercial frozen variety or steam baked which are never as good as water-boiled bagels. Even worse, every bagel I tried lacked the chewy consistency that's characteristic of New York bagels. They were doughy, like eating any normal sandwich albeit in round shape, and often too sweet.

However, I've managed to find a few decent joints in HK to get my bagel fix. My favourite place is the Press Room where they import H&H bagels - my favourite from the States! Perfectly firm crust and chewy innards make for bagel heaven. Add to that a really generous amount of smoked salmon, cream cheese, and capers and I can't think of a better brunch. The bagels come in overnight from New York so they are super fresh :)

press room, H&H bagel with smoked salmon ($92)

On a sidenote, the Press Room also does amazing eggs bene! Perfect brunch spot (the bagel and eggs bene are only available over the weekend).

I also enjoy Yo Bago in Quarry Bay. Their bagels are pretty substantial and well-priced. I always get the Vancouver Breakfast which tastes best on honey wheat bagels. The pineapple is an especially nice touch, but they do skimp on the salmon and the consistency isn't great. Their plain and honey wheat bagels tend to fall on the doughy texture side, and lack the yeasty flavour you get from traditional bagels. However, it's still satisfying with fresh ingredients. I do want to try the steak and cheese bagel next time!

yo bago, vancouver breakfast ($39)

Finally, Harvest Bagel & Cafe is pretty decent too. I love their smoked salmon bagel served with fried egg. They're generous with the fillings and the bagel is pretty dense and chewy. Their bagels are typically around $50, unfortunately I forgot to snap a photo of this one.

I will however leave you with my perfect bagel:

Smoked salmon (yes I know, I never veer from my salmon fillings) cream cheese on an egg bagel. This was from Absolute Bagels in New York - the best in my opinion. See that layer of cream cheese?? And egg bagels are my favourite :) But they're hard to come by in HK...

The Press Room
108 Hollywood Road

Yo Bago
G/F, 80 Pan Hoi Street
Quarry Bay

Harvest Bagel & Cafe
G/F, 36 Lyndhurst Terrace