Monday, June 6, 2011

Dragon Boat Festival!

I've never been that partial to lo mai gai, but I absolutely adore bak chang and nonya dumplings. These are popular throughout Singapore and are the Peranakan variation of dragon boat festival dumplings. In my opinion, they blow Hong Kong-style ones out the park :P They taste slightly sweeter than the typical salty rice dumplings, and are packed with heaps more flavour and spices. The innards basically consist of pork (and a lot of lard!), mushrooms, and the most delicious chestnuts - something I usually hate. However, they're also far richer and fattier so I can only indulge in them once in a while :(

Kim Choo makes delicious dumplings in Singapore and I happily steamed one up to celebrate Dragon Boat festival :)

frozen dumpling takes about 30mins to steam


Super carb overload, especially for breakfast, but soo worth it. The meat is ridiculously tender and the bits of lard are decadent but well worth the extra calories :D

If you're ever in Singapore, don't forget to check out Kim Choo and take home a couple frozen dumplings. They are delicious fried with egg as well! I believe Kim Choo has a branch at T2 in the airport - very convenient!