Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Curry Puffs

It always baffles me that no one in Hong Kong has opened up a curry puff stand yet. It seems like something Hong Kong'ers would love, fitting right in with the likes of stinky tofu, curry fish balls, and random fried food on sticks. Whenever I go back to Singapore I get my fix at Old Chang Kee's - sure it's a commercial snack chain where everything is mass produced, but it's so convenient and honestly, I'm no curry puff connoisseur and am always pretty satisfied with their version!

still delicious a day old :)

curry 'o - traditional curry puff

The fillings are basically chicken, potatoes, egg slices, and curry powder. You can also get variations including sardines, chicken & mushroom, and even sweet puffs with durian mmm! However, what I enjoy most is the skin of this curry puff. It's quite thick and substantial, and much easier to eat than the flakier, crispy-skin versions that break upon each bite.

Next time anyone's in Singapore, do bring me back a box please! Though I'm nursing a sore throat after over-indulging in them :(

Old Chang Kee's
Various locations across Singapore