Thursday, June 30, 2011


Had a delicious breakfast of hot buttermilk biscuits from Popeyes on my last trip to the HK airport. I've actually never tried biscuits before so I don't have much to judge by, but I can say that these were far yummier than cornbread! Crunchy on the outside, sooo soft and fluffy on the inside. There was a light hint of butter so it was perfect without the addition of toppings :)

mmm..biscuits... :D

Popeyes can do no wrong! I love their fried chicken - much more so than KFC - and their popcorn shrimp. If only there were outlets throughout Hong Kong. We need more southern cooking!! I remember watching the Princess and the Frog and wanting to eat gumbo and beignets and jambalaya! Was tempted to buy Tiana's Cookbook but I can't bring myself to buy a book for 3-7 year olds :( I'm already doing that for Chinese!!

Level 7, Departures Check-in Hall
Terminal 1, HKIA