Sunday, June 26, 2011


I used to love Finds when it was still at LKF Tower, not just for their creative drinks (I can't find better earl grey martinis) but also for their outstanding food. It has taken me 6 months to venture to their new location in The Luxe Manor on the Kowloon side, but it was definitely worth the wait.

I went for a Saturday lunch and when I arrived shortly before 1pm, the place was pretty much empty save two tables. The interior is much nicer than the old FINDS - less gaudy and much more minimalist, with wooden chairs and a general earthy colour palette. We were seated by the window which, while not having much in terms of scenery, was fun to people watch. There is an inordinate number of women in TST who seem to enjoy shopping in leopard-print mini dresses and five inch heels. Or maybe it's just the walk of shame.

The lunch menu is really good value. Three courses (plus coffee/tea) sets you back $128, and you can add $38 for a glass of wine. I love that the menu changes weekly, and you can go onto the FINDS website to "find" out (haha...-_-") what they have on offer. I've been checking periodically for the past few weeks and was hooked when I saw that this week they were doing homemade pork & beef burgers and bread pudding! Yum!

We started off with their complimentary bread which was delicious with their garlic butter spread (and dipped in my soup):

Appetizers -

roasted cajun chicken breast with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, rocket

The chicken was nicely cooked and I loved the mushrooms. Rocket was also super fresh, and not too bitter. Unfortunately, the description said it came with fingerling potatoes but we couldn't find any :(

roasted garlic and potato soup w/ crispy fingerling potato chips and roasted garlic cream

This was absolutely delicious!!! It was so light and frothy, but with really intense flavour. The crispy potato chips were a great addition too. I only wished the the bowl was bigger - especially in comparison to the size of the plate! It only held about 10 spoonfuls of soup

Big plates, small food make me sad :( Though it was beautifully presented, and if I had to choose it would always be quality over quantity!

pan-fried seabass w/ cauliflower puree, sauteed vegetables and fennel dill sauce

The seabass was cooked really well, with a great crispy skin (my favourite part!) The sauteed vegetables were a pass, but it was plated nicely.

homemade pork and beef burger w/ mashed yukon gold potatoes, browned onions, truffle-poached egg and red wine sauce

When this first came out, I was slightly disappointed as I was expecting (and craving) a proper burger. The waiter noted our disappointment and kindly offered to replenish the bread basket so we could make our own burger haha. We declined and I'm glad we did because this "burger" was outstanding. The mashed potatoes may have been the best part of the dish and really brought everything together. Caramelised onions can never go wrong, and the burger was super juicy and meaty! The poached egg was a bit of a disaster though, I was so looking forward to runny egg yolk spewing all over my burger but unfortunately, it was overcooked :( Shows how much I loved the burger that I'm prepared to overlook badly poached eggs!

homemade bread pudding w/ vanilla sauce and whipped cream

I know I've been starting each sentence with "this was delicious" but this really was delicious. The bread pudding was far better than the one I had recently at the W (though that was a buffet so it's probably an unfair comparison), but seriously - this was good. The outstanding part was the whipped cream. Tasted so light but so decadent.

Another burger shot. Just because.

I would definitely recommend coming here, especially for their lunch deals (I had a buy one get one free coupon (yay) but would still be more than happy to pay the normal price), and I was happy to see the place fill up a bit by the time we were leaving.

1/F, The Luxe Manor
39 Kimberley Road
Tsim Sha Tsui