Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sushi Hiro (TST branch)

Sushi is something I never tire of and I love the sushi at Sushi Hiro! The first time I tried it was in the Causeway Bay branch at Henry House, home of many Japanese restaurants. On a side note, I always want to call it Oh Henry house - I guess because I'm permanently missing and craving this:

Why oh why can't you find them in Hong Kong??

Further tangent... I discovered Lays Ketchup Chips recently when a friend brought them back from Toronto. They are AMAZING and I can't believe I never tried them in the States. Anyway, I finally found them in Hong Kong, right by where I live!! There's a small grocery store on Third Street called MiniMart (they have a facebook page) which stocks a bunch of US products. I often drop by to get my fill of Quaker's Hot Oatmeal (Maple & Brown Sugar) - this was my go-to breakfast on cold Boston mornings. Anyway, they finally started stocking Lays Ketchup Chips!!!! They're charging a pretty hefty premium - each small pack costs $15. But they are so worth it. And I guess the price is a good thing, it means I might be able to exercise some self-restraint :p

Anyway...Sushi Hiro. I tried the TST branch for dinner one night and I think I might have enjoyed it even more than the one in CWB! Sure the restaurant is pretty no frills and the service isn't exactly up to par, but the price you pay is for the quality of the fish which definitely exceeds expectations (so many sidenotes but 'exceeds expectations' always makes me think of Harry Potter and his OWL results)

chu toro was delicious and better than o-toro which I find too fatty.

selection of sushi. loved the scallop.

assortment of sashimi. again the scallops and tuna were amazing :) hamachi was great too and i loved how thickly cut the sashimi was!

cod fish sashimi was my favourite though. this was my first time trying it - it's a bit tougher to chew but the texture really grew on me.

grilled halibut cheek.

perfect end to any meal.

Definitely recommend going to Sushi Hiro for their lunch sets too. I always get their Sushi Gozen - a selection of 9 sushi's and one roll for only $140. Definitely a steal considering the quality. Their toro taku don is really good too, though I'd be just as content eating the ones at Doraya:

Cheap, hearty, real comfort food.


Sushi Hiro
7/F, Toy House
100 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

Shop 72K
Fook Moon Building
Third Street, Sai Ying Pun

10, Cameron Road
Tsim Sha Tsui