Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Food Hodgepodge!

Here's some food that's kept me happy (in varying degrees) in 2011, and that I've been meaning to write about. Hopefully this'll get me back on track to start blogging (more) frequently!

the vietnam woods

Came across this restaurant one evening and really liked the interior so decided to give it a try. The restaurant is very minimalist inside, with dark wood tables and mirrors to make the room even more spacious. I loved the high ceilings which reminded me of my old home back in Tai Po, though what with the high ceilings, linen-free tables and wooden floor it was a nightmare to have conversation - restaurants really need to do something about their acoustics!

They also have a side room for larger parties with a gorgeous birdcage hanging from the ceiling (sounds garish but it wasn't).

The food was plated beautifully but a little hit and miss. One thing I loved though was the prawn rice paper rolls which were so good we ended up ordering one each. I'm addicted to the sweet sauce.

prawn rice paper roll

The beef fried rice was delicious the first time I had it, but I've been back twice and both times took a bit of a dive in quality. Hm...

beef fried rice - forget the proper name

The shrimp paste on sugar cane came in a beautiful deep bowl but was a little too deep-fried for my taste.

shrimp paste on sugar cane

Will be back though to try the avocado milkshake (first time I've seen it in HK!!). On a side note, the menus are the largest I have ever seen - can only imagine how cumbersome it'd be to manoeuvre without the ample space between tables!


Following the trend of Vietnamese eateries, we recently moved to Elements so I've pretty much exhausted all the restaurants on offer. Nahm was probably the last one I got to, and while it's not strictly a Vietnamese restaurant (there is a whole range of Thai food too), they did offer two dishes I enjoyed - though I wouldn't recommend the pad thai.

poached sea bass rice roll - this dish really grew on me! served warm.

gelato - vanilla bean was amazing. or maybe i just liked the presentation.

sushi shin

Lunch bento box is such good value! I think it's something like $150? Loved the sweet prawn sashimi.


I always enjoy my meals here - while it's pricier, they do offer interesting combinations and I recently discovered they have amazing beef udon (don't get the stir fried beef one). Though if you like the traditional inaniwa udon, you might not be impressed. Shiro offers the thicker variety which I actually prefer - maybe my tastes aren't refined yet :\

I'd suggest going at dinner when it's less busy. Also, the photos are a bit odd - I'm not adept at photographing long-plated food!

lovely scallop roll and soft-shell crab roll

the tuna toro on the left is my favourite at shiro! (forget the name but it's under their "signature dishes")

this is the strangest thing I've seen at Shiro.

estudio iberico tapas bar

This was absolutely delicious! The pictures don't do justice because I was lucky enough to eat this in the comfort of my home...So it's all in tupperware, plus my lighting sucks, plus I'm using an iPhone camera, plus my friend was eager to eat...But it was really, really good. Don't let these photos fool you :P

delicious patatas bravas.

absolutely loved this salad of mixed greens with crispy ham and manchego cheese (my favourite!)

looks kinda sad here.. but this was really succulent duck in a delicious orange sauce. i wanted to lick it all up!

Also tried the calamari which was deliciously fried, and the chicken skewers which weren't so good and a little dry. Should've ordered the wagyu beef skewers!! Will definitely be back to eat there in person :)

Phew... W Sunday Brunch up next :D


the vietnam woods
Shop 1, York Place
22 Johnson Road

Shop 1044-1045

sushi shin
G/F, Wing Hing Court
110-114 Tung Lo Wan Road,

Tai Hang

Level 1, Pacific Place

estudio iberico
Great supermarket,
Pacific Place