Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ABC Kitchen

I really enjoy ABC Kitchen, though surprisingly never really liked M at the Fringe. The food at ABC is hearty, good value, and served with a whole lot of love. What's more, the fact that it's in a cooked food market means I get to sample food from the other stalls too :) I've tried the 饺子 at 老北方饺子馆 which were delicious, as well as the 扬州炒饭 from 陈财记, but today we opted to pair ABC with Indian food.

We started the meal with delicious bread rolls. Usually I'm not a fan of their homemade bread which I find too doughy. However, they seem to have changed their rolls from the herb ones they usually offer to these:

It tasted almost like cheese bread and was absolutely delicious, served fresh out the oven! I didn't want to fill up on bread but couldn't help polishing these off.

First dish to come was my favourite dish at ABC:

linguine carbonara ($58)

Usually I prefer tomato sauce to cream, but this is an exception. The sauce is pretty rich but somehow, doesn't make me feel sick as normally happens - perhaps because I make sure to exercise portion control when it comes to this dish :P But the pasta was cooked perfectly, served with a generous amount of ham, and is always an absolute delight to eat. It helps that it's great value too! Note: you have to order it off-menu during dinner service.

chicken satay

We also sampled some chicken satay and naan from the Indian restaurant next door. I took one bite out of the satay and passed on the rest. I really miss good Malaysian/Singaporean satay!! The naan was alright but I preferred the homemade bread from ABC. Here's our array of "starters":

Bizarre combination eh? :)

Moving on to what everyone comes to ABC Kitchen for:

roast suckling pig ($118)

Mmm...The crackling skin was delicious and the meat is super tender and juicy. The only complaint I'd have is that there's quite a bit of fat, but after careful carving I had perfect mouthfuls of skin and meat, sans fat. I love the mashed potatoes as well. The portions at dinner are significantly larger than the ones during lunch, although I believe they cost the same?

All in all, this was a delicious, comforting meal and I left with a big smile. Probably went a bit overboard on the ordering as there were just two of us plus a whole lot of carbs!

A precaution though - I've come to ABC quite a few times now and my regular orders tend to be the linguine, suckling pig, and perhaps the soft shell crab or chicken. Some of the other dishes haven't fared as well. The steak diane came out tasting like mushy hamburger meat, the pizza (available at lunch) was definitely not a pizza, and their desserts once drove me to ordering a McFlurry later on in the night. Needless to say, I declined to order any this time round. Also, while I love the fact that it's in a cooked food market (prices are cheap, you can order other food, and they still spruce it up with cute chequered tablecloths), be prepared for the inevitable fly or two.

ABC Kitchen
Shop 7, Queen Street Cooked Food Market
Sheung Wan