Monday, March 14, 2011

FoFo: Worth the Extra Chubb

I absolutely adore Fofo - from the drinks, the interior design, the concept, the service, to the most important aspect, the food. I've been a few times now and it has never disappointed. I recently discovered upon my last visit that the name "Fofo" was selected because it's Spanish for "chubby". Apparently this idea inspired the decor as well, with an army load of chubby penguins and piggys adorning the walls and ceiling lamps:

Chef Alex Fargas is also a delight who always makes a point of checking up on all the diners.

i love the quirky design

white sangria. yum! my go-to drink at fofo 'cause you don't often see it on menus.

platter of iberico ham to start, on the house :) love this stuff.

spinach, tomato, and mozzarella salad with pesto sauce mmm ($90).

organic winter vegetables ($85). meh.

We also had a grilled eggplant salad with spinach and Manchego cheese. That was delicious but unfortunately, people dug in too quickly before I could take a picture!! It's a must order though! Then again, I'm pretty partial to anything with Manchego cheese in it :)

organic eggs cooked at 62 degrees in crispy potatoes "nest" with chorizo ($110). flavourful and fun to mix, but a little too salty for me. couldn't manage more than a few spoonfuls.

kingfish. forget the complete description but this was really good - we were all fighting for the last piece.

foie gras, tomato chili jam, basil ($145). i'm not a foie gras fan so I shouldn't pass judgment. friends really enjoyed it though.

crispy suckling pig ($115) was decent but I actually prefer suckling pig at ABC Kitchen haha maybe because of the price discrepancy? :P

red peppers with codfish mousse filling ($90). delicious! usually I don't like mousse but this dish might have converted me!

sauteed button mushrooms with garlic ($75). so simple but SO GOOD!

spanish omelette with potatoes & onions ($50). not much to say, it's just an omelette.

half portion of Boston lobster juicy rice ($170). The name just sounded so inviting. The rice was pretty good comfort food, tasted almost like risotto and it was so easy to shovel down spoonfuls of the stuff.

iberico pork paella ($348). Usually go for the seafood & lobster one but since we got the juicy rice, opted to try this instead. I actually prefer it to the seafood!

Should also get the sauteed prawns with garlic & chili ($85) which again were attacked before I got to take a photo! One of their signature dishes :)

What I love about Fofo is that they update their menu regularly so each time I return there's always something new and exciting to try! Highly recommended, though it's not your traditional tapas joint and I must say, tapeo and estudio iberico gives it a run for its money ;)

Fofo by El Willy
20/F M88,
2-8 Wellington Street, Central