Monday, March 7, 2011

La Fleur

I know there's been quite a hiatus in the blogging but here's a quick post about a restaurant I recently discovered on a walk around Star Street. We were craving pizza and wanted to grab food at Pizza Express but with the lunch rush, they were fully booked. We decided to stroll around the area to see what else caught our eye. After wandering through some park where people were practising tai chi, we found ourselves on St. Francis Yard and in front of La Fleur.

The chalkboard menu outside was definitely inviting. At really reasonable prices, you could choose between three appetizers and four different mains, ranging from $75-$90. Price includes coffee/tea, with an additional $25 if you want dessert or extra soup.

Started off with amazing home-made bread that was served warm and crispy on the outside, soo soft inside. I polished it off and wanted to ask for more, but practiced great self-restraint, though I couldn't help staring enviously at the fresh bread rolls coming out the oven and being delivered to new diners.

freshly baked bread

For the appetizers, you could choose between apple & prawn salad, duck breast salad, and soup of the day (which was pumpkin I believe). We both opted for the prawn salad. It was really refreshing on a hot day, and I loved the prawns. Wished they gave more than two! I liked the addition of walnuts as well.

apple and prawn salad

For our mains, we decided to share the salmon fillet ($85) and the rib-eye steak ($90) - our own little surf n' turf :) I forget what the other two options were but I think one was linguine and the other pork .. something.

The salmon was huge and came with a dill sauce and extremely creamy mashed potatoes, which I loved. The sauce was a little heavy for me but worked well in moderation. Salmon was cooked well and I couldn't stop eating the salmon skin hehe. Really enjoyed this dish.

salmon fillet

Our rib-eye came medium rare as requested and there wasn't much to complain about in terms of the meat. However, they over-sauced the dish and the sauce itself was too salty. I decided to just scrape it all off and eat my meat with the side of mustard provided and was pretty content :) The long beans were also delicious and there were some tater tots hiding below. I think the salmon won out though.

rib-eye steak

All in all it was a very enjoyable meal at a bargain price. I'll definitely be back again for lunch, though I'd advise making reservations in advance as the place was packed.

We decided to skip on the dessert because we were both craving Yo Mama on such a warm, sunny day. Perfect end to the meal!

La Fleur
16 St Francis Yard
Wan Chai