Thursday, March 24, 2011

Le Parisien

After a session of kickboxing, the best reward is something deceptively simple: Joel Robuchon's baguette parisienne. This tastes almost like the ones I used to get while living in Paris. I was lucky enough to live next door to Arnaud Delmontel, a boulangerie that won "la meilleure baguette de paris" in 2007, the year I was there. It was great being able to trek over in my jammies for an early morning fix of freshly baked baguettes - plus each morning trucks would come to cart over baguettes to the Palais de l'Elysee for Sarkozy to eat! Made me feel all the more privileged.

Joel Robuchon's don't quite live up to those in Paris, but they definitely come close. Whenever I'm missing Paris, I always turn to this:

sandwich parisien - w/ camembert cheese

While I love ham and camembert cheese, I would be just as satisfied eating this baguette with a generous serve of butter. I love l'ancienne, these traditional baguettes with the pointy-ends. The ones at Robuchon are great with a hard crust, chewy texture, and insides that are...a bit of both! Plus with large irregular air holes, you know they weren't made industrially :)

Baguettes are bliss. I miss those days in Paris where 60 centimes could buy such happiness!

Le Salon de The, de Joel Robuchon
Shop 315, 3/F
The Landmark