Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Chippy

Re-visited the Chippy after almost a year. I was hesitant at first after hearing many people talk about how it's gone downhill. However, I found the food as delicious as before.

One of the big downsides to eating in is that the minute you enter, you're hit by the most overpowering smell of oil. I suppose it's only natural considering they have an open kitchen and everything on the menu is deep-fried (fish n chips, fish cakes, fried mars bars...). You end up smelling like you just came out of a diner - something I find far worse than smelling like Korean BBQ. Though I suppose they have the East End fish n chips ambiance down pat - minus the newsprint wrapping :P

Nevertheless, food is definitely worth it (though prices aren't cheap). We ordered fish n chips and a chicken & leek pie to share. Both come with your choice of a side of fries or mashed potatoes, and mushy peas or baked beans.

halibut ($115)

There is a selection of fish to choose from - cod, halibut, sole fillet... I'm glad we chose the halibut because this was delicious and light. While it looks extremely deep-fried in the photo, it actually didn't taste too heavy. The batter was very thin and non-greasy, and the fish was perfect in their homemade tartare sauce.

Chips were also fantastic. In the interest of healthier eating, I had opted for mashed potatoes with the pie. However, the minute I tasted these chips, I swapped the mashed potatoes back for more chips! I love fat fries and these were yum, especially covered in vinegar :) Oh it made me miss London.

chicken & leek pie ($95)

I really enjoyed the pie as well. While it wasn't as good as the fish, the pastry was nice and thick (I hate the flaky kind) and the chicken had great flavour. I love mushy peas but can't find them in too many places. The ones at the Chippy are pretty good, and you can order them on the side for $15. Pie also came with a cute pot of gravy. When you pour it on, it looks like this:

Hehe almost looks like poutine but yummier ;)

The Chippy
51A, Wellington Street