Sunday, July 24, 2011


My desktop wallpaper's a picture of a gloriously juicy burger from Shake Shack which set about a month-long craving for burgers. I usually just end up going to BLT Burger but having heard numerous rave reviews of BurgerRoom, decided to give it a shot. We arrived at 2pm on Saturday and the place was packed, with a constant flow of people. Luckily we got a table at the countertop - probably even more spacious than the regular tables which were seriously cramped. The kitchen is also tiny though the three chefs inside seemed to manage alright. The food came relatively fast despite how overcrowded the restaurant was.

The classic burger (beef patty, tomatoes, lettuce, and their homemade sauce) costs $55 and you pay an extra $8 for cheese. You can also add $18 for a side of fries and a drink.

At first I thought the burgers were massive but then realised it's mainly because there's so much bun. The fries were pretty okay (I love thick-cut fries) but I wished we had opted for a side of curly fries instead! I miss Hardee's!!

The meat patty is pretty hefty, but once you get rid of some of the bun, the size is definitely manageable even for my stomach. The burger was super juicy (making it very hard to eat) but I definitely don't mind getting dirty for good food :) Definitely not for those on a diet, especially with their homemade sauce on top. Unfortunately, it wasn't spread too evenly so I had to add ketchup to parts of my burger - or it may just be a factor of their huge buns. I really enjoyed the meal and it comes at a very decent price.

They also have a wide selection of seafood burgers (scallop burger, lobster burger, soft shell crab burger, hiroshima oyster burger!??!?) which sound pretty interesting but next time I think I'll opt for the portobello cheese burger! Yum!

While it's not the fanciest of joints, it's exactly how a burger should be. Will definitely be back, though I only wish they'd change their burger buns.

7 Caroline Hill Road
Causeway Bay