Sunday, July 24, 2011

Banana Popsicle

A friend showed me a picture of Nestle's peelable banana popsicles and I just had to try one for myself (purely for the novelty factor). Yay Asian innovation! It's sold at most 7-11's:

It doesn't look too appetizing when you first unwrap it, and not much like a banana at all.

I had a hard time peeling it - I later learnt that you're meant to take a bite off the top and then peel it with your mouth, but me being the messy girl I am tried to use my fingers and ended up with a very sticky mess... BUT look how much it resembles a banana!

Especially when you take a bite out of it:

Hm.. the biggest flaw with this popsicle is the fact that it doesn't taste like banana -_-" It's actually vanilla ice cream wrapped in a grape-like jelly. I love everything banana flavoured so it baffles me why someone would make a banana shaped popsicle and leave out the banana taste. Nevertheless, it was quite yummy (apart from the jelly which I always find too strange a consistency) and apparently quite nutritious being low in fat and sugar, and without artificial colouring. Hm, wonder why the grape flavoured jelly is yellow then...

Speaking of loving banana-flavoured snacks, dad just came back from Japan and brought home goodies, this one being my favourite:

tokyo banana

I love how meticulously wrapped Japanese goodies are :) Plus, each package comes with an individual moisture absorber to keep your cakes nice and fresh! I think there are eight per box.

Absolutely delicious! They're basically sponge cakes with banana-flavoured custard / cream inside. The cream isn't too overpowering in banana taste, and the cake is super light like chiffon. A perfect little snack.

Dad also brought back these which were were pretty to look at, but not as yummy:

hehe so cute

beautifully wrapped

Hehe adorable! I absolutely love Japanese snacks so if anyone's ever in Japan, please bring me back some more Tokyo Banana's!