Monday, October 3, 2011

Dragon Seal

Had the chance to try Dragon Seal for lunch last Sunday. Situated on the 101st floor of ICC, it's probably the highest restaurant I've been to. I believe the restaurant only opened earlier this year by celebrity chef and food presenter Wong Wing-chee. I watched his show later that evening (every Sunday at 8pm on Jade) and he was off traipsing to Malaysia before serving his celebrity guests a big feast right at the table I was sitting at for lunch!

There are a couple other restaurants in ICCs "sky dining" floor - two Japanese that are currently in business as well as a Shanghainese that's opening soon. The view was a bit hazy the day we were there but still quite spectacular - the restaurant definitely made the most of its location with sprawling floor-to-ceiling windows and a great bar area, and luckily we got the most coveted seats right by the window. Better than Ozone for sure! (Too bad our meal was constantly interrupted by families shuffling next to our table to take pictures...)

We had the set lunch for 4 people, and everything came beautifully plated in individual portions:

black fungus, roast pork, and shredded chicken

The pork was amazing. Probably better than the one I recently had at Summer Palace with super crackly skin and a thin layer of fat in between skin and meat. Yum!

cha xiu bao, lo bak gou, snow pea shoot dumpling

Probably my favourite dim sum of the meal! The cha siu bao was fantastic! If only we had ordered an additional serving...

double boiled soup

I really enjoyed this too - especially the fact that it was served on top of a candle to keep it nicely warm. It was a simple seafood broth but very flavourful, comforting, and altogether a big hit across the table. I wish I could have this each time I'm sick, it felt so nourishing and good for me!


I again enjoyed this dish - though by this point I was getting really really full. The presentation was very elegant and I liked that they didn't overdo it with unnecessary accompaniments.

fried rice

Meh. Nothing too exciting about this, or I was too full to really give it my full attention... I did pick out the prawns though :)

seseme lo mai chi

sau bao

but with taro sweet potato paste inside!!

All in all, I found this a pretty excellent meal. It's definitely above the standards of your typical Cantonese restaurant, though I can't comment on the prices as I luckily ate here for free. I have heard some gripes about how expensive it is but restaurants with such prime location are always gonna milk it so you should probably come in expecting that..

Dragon Seal
101/F, International Commerce Centre
1 Austin Road West, Kowloon