Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer Palace

Had a yummy and healthy dinner at Summer Palace in Island Shangri-La a day after I ate at Petrus. Noticed that the carpets in the lift are changed daily to tell you the day of the week :P Bit silly if you ask me...

It was mum's birthday so we again took advantage of the discount (though not as worth it if you're a party of 4 since you only get 25% off and I believe with HSBC platinum card you get the same discount at all Shangri-La restaurants anyways). Still, the restaurant's not expensive with pretty good quality. I think the total bill was $1200 for the 4 of us, granted dad did the ordering and we ended up with a mainly vegetarian meal, which made me feel almost like I was eating in a monastery! But it's probably a good thing, I've been eating far too much junk recently and this was almost like a detox.


marinated black fungus with vegetables

Both these appetisers were pretty good - especially the eggplant which soaked up all the delicious sauce. Also enjoyed the peanuts in the black fungus dish :)

barbequed suckling pig

This was good and I wish they had served more! The skin was nice and crispy and I liked the soft, doughy bun sandwiched between the skin and meat.

mushroom dumpling. Not good.

Luckily it's time for Peking duck!

good skin

roast duck

Was a bit disappointed that they only served the duck skin with no meat :( Not that it wasn't still yummy but I guess I was spoilt at Made in China where we got three different cuts to play with. Also, sad there was no sugar in the condiments though I suppose if I really wanted to I could've asked them for some. Nevertheless, the skin was really good and I still enjoyed the dish. It was surprisingly light so I managed to gobble down a handful without even realising it.

duck noodles

Enjoyed this but it put me over the top! And surprisingly, I wished there were more noodles and less meat.

Dad ordered a decadent cake from Island Gourmet. I think it's called the Frou Frou cake (which it definitely was :P) and consisted of dark chocolate mousse with a crispy praline base. Loved the base, the mousse was a bit much. Happy family photo:

Bizarrely, some guy sitting at the table next to us whipped out his bberry to take a photo of us while we were posing for the above picture... wonder what he was thinking??

Summer Palace
5/F, Island Shangri-La
88 Queensway, Admiralty
Hong Kong