Monday, October 24, 2011

La Creperie

Ever since I heard of La Creperie, I've been dying to try it because I so so miss galettes (savoury crepes) from Paris and La Rochelle. For some odd reason, it has taken me close to a year to finally get here and I really hope it doesn't take me another year to re-visit because the crepes were spot on!

The restaurant itself feels rather claustrophic with as many tables as possible crammed into a tiny space and loads of waiting diners milling around the front door. However, the decor is cosy and the waitstaff very friendly and attentive. I had already decided I would like this place when a big pot of tea came out looking like this:

The tea set made me feel like I was on a beachfront in Brittany :) Oh if only...

Surprisingly, hot lemon tea pairs beautifully with crepes!

As we were here for lunch, we had the opportunity to sample a savoury and dessert crepe for only $88 (including a drink). One quick glance and I knew exactly what I wanted. The galette complet was my ultimate favourite while living in France. It's simple and traditional, with just a slice of ham and runny egg under a heaping of emmental cheese. Perfection!

galette compl├Ęte

This galette tasted like the real deal. I loved that they use buckwheat flour (works much better with savoury crepes) as most places in HK still haven't adopted this traditional ingredient. It was filled with lots of yummy melted cheese, tasting just like a croque monsieur but better (and hopefully slightly healthier!) Unfortunately the egg was hidden under the salad but trust me, it was glorious to burst!


My friend opted for the savoury crepe with chicken that I believe was in a kind of curry sauce. Tasting less traditional, it was still delicious and had quite a kick to it with all the spices!

Again I knew exactly which crepe I wanted for my dessert:

butter and sugar crepe

This was my go-to sweet crepe in Paris (sometimes with the addition of lemon), an easy snack purchased on the side of the road after a long day of classes. Simple is definitely better! Light and fluffy, it was a great end to the meal. I only wished I had a bigger stomach to fit it all in!

chocolate crepe

I didn't try this but it came out smelling amazing. I assume it was just the same as mine except with chocolate sauce drizzled on top. Pretty decadent!

galette in paris

Back while I was studying in Paris, I didn't really take food photos so the picture's not great...BUT I have to say, the galettes from La Creperie look even better than the one above, taken at a very traditional bistro in Paris.

La Creperie
1/F, Kui Chi Mansion
100-102 Queen's Road East
Wan Chai