Friday, April 22, 2011

Man Wah (民華魚蛋粉麵)

While I must admit I don't particularly miss living out in Tai Po, there are a couple things about the area that have always put a smile on my face. I love Tai Po market, the copious amounts of bakeries on every street corner, and the public library which is far cosier than Hong Kong Central library. However, this 魚蛋粉 stall by far tops the list.

The iced coffee is the yummiest I've had at cha chaan teng's (and only $7!), the 燉奶 is super smooth and made with Kowloon Dairy milk, and the 炸鱼皮 is dangerously addicting. But what I love most is the 鱼皮头! It's such a shame that in one bowl you only get two pieces :(

I happened to be (kinda) in the area after shopping at Ikea, Sha Tin, so took the opportunity to go back for a delicious and satisfying meal that cost under $30 pp.

炸鱼皮... wish i could take the whole jar home!

but one bowl was perhaps enough fried stuff for the day :P

iced coffee ($7) love the coffee powder at the top :)

咸鱼肉并饭 ($18)

This used to be one of my favourite dishes at Man Wah but perhaps I haven't gone for too long and my taste buds aren't used to just how salty the rou bing is anymore! But with enough mouthfuls of rice, this was still super satisfying, comfort food.

beef brisket noodles ($28)

This always hits the spot. The beef brisket is super tender and full of fat :D

鱼蛋河 ($18)

With even more fried fish skin mmmm! Delicious, especially when soaked in the soup :P This bowl of noodles always puts a smile on my face. Still swear it's the yummiest I've had in Hong Kong.

Maybe it's nostalgia, but this cha chaan teng truly serves great quality food. So if any of you ever find yourself in the area, do give it a try! The weather is great for bike riding or hiking now, and where better to go than Tai Po? Plus, we have a railway museum that was recently featured at Lego Exhibit:

Man Wah Fish Ball Noodles
19 Kwong Fuk Lane,
Tai Po