Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dim Sum Part II

After my previous post on dim sum, a friend tipped me off about 新兴食家 - a dim sum joint in Kennedy Town. Apparently it opens at 3am - a perfect late night snack after clubbing? I was hoping for a calmer experience than Lin Heung but unfortunately it was more fight-for-your-food dining.

We arrived at noon and waited about 5 minutes for a table.

our semi-cleaned table

cha siu cheong

Unfortunately there was no har cheong again so we quickly grabbed this instead. Wasn't a fan though - the skin was REALLY thick and not as smooth as I would've liked. Plus, the sweet soy sauce that it came with was a bit off.

where cheong fun is made :)

har gao

Luckily the har gau made up for the awful cheong fun. I was surprised how different this skin was - thin, slightly chewy, translucent = perfect! The prawn was delicious too, they were big and burst in your mouth :) Tasted very fresh, especially considering our surroundings! We ended up ordering 3 baskets for the two of us haha.

cha xiu bao

Not my favourite version. There was far too much bread though the cha siu innards were decent - tender and not too cloyingly sweet.

siu mai

Siu mai was okay... not too much comment on them as I don't usually order this at dim sum so can't make fair comparisons.

ham sui gok

The ham sui gok was very very fried and there was far too much dough, not enough filling. It also tasted stale... perhaps we got one of the last batches that had been sitting out for a while? Couldn't finish one of these... Quite disappointed because they came looking pretty yummy!

liu sha bao

This was delicious! The bun here was far better than the cha siu bao, - smoother, lighter, spongier. The innards also perfectly melted in my mouth. It was great that I snatched it up when it first came out the kitchen because they were piping hot and glorious to tear into!


All in all, this was a pretty decent meal especially considering the price - the total for all the food above (remember we did get 3 har gow's) was $108. For 8 dim sum dishes, you can't get much cheaper than that! I think this is probably the best of the 3 dim sum restaurants I've tried recently. However, only the liu sha bao and har gau really stuck out. Can't see myself venturing out here again any time soon. And now I'm craving dim sum in comfortable surroundings with people actually serving me! Lung King Heen anyone? :)

Also.... Just before I left the restaurant, I noticed the door to the kitchen was open so took a peek inside. Hm... exposed meat, grimy floors, random bowl filled with mysterious liquid. Yeaaaaah.

Though when it's 5am and you've been out drinking all night, do you really care?

10 Hau Wo Street,
Sai Wan, Hong Kong

(Close to Smithfield Road and Belchers' Street)