Thursday, April 7, 2011

Main Street USA

I never thought I'd succumb to eating in a Disneyland restaurant but hunger got the best of me and I ended up getting dinner at Main Street Corner Cafe - the international restaurant in the park. I was bracing myself for hefty prices but it actually wasn't too bad considering the price of a turkey leg from a sidecart is $40.

chicken caesar salad
Do you see the amount of sauce on this??? Haha should've ordered it on the side. The Mickey crutons were fun! But very stale...

mushroom soup - soo salty, i think it was Campbell's soup! and again, stale bread

chicken, meh

mickey waffles - this did NOT look like the photo in the menu. but tasted fine.

red bean panna cotta
Thought this sounded interesting so against my better judgement, decided to order it. BUT I wasn't prepared for this - basically a tiny layer of panna cotta with loads of red bean soup poured on top. Hm.... Couldn't taste any panna cotta at all.

Tried to mix it up myself to taste something other than red bean haha. But as you can see, it became extremely unappetizing.

I wasn't expecting much from a theme park restaurant, and was pleasantly surprised that the prices weren't too exorbitant. I believe I paid $120? The food was very mediocre but if you want an option other than fast food, this place will do the trick.

Main Street Corner Cafe
"Main Street USA"
Hong Kong Disneyland