Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pizzeria La Gondola

I noticed this tiny pizzeria one afternoon while out strolling after a lazy Sunday brunch at the Press Room. It looked quaint, authentic, and made me almost feel like I was in Europe with the alfresco dining. The pizzas coming out were gorgeous and it quickly moved up to the top of my must-try restaurants.

Last night I finally had the opportunity to check out La Gondola on Mee Lun St, Central. There are only three tables (though there are a few counter seats too) and we were lucky enough to take the last one. The owner was really friendly and helpful with his recommendations. We got to chatting and he told us he's worked all over Europe - Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain.. as well as in the most far-flung regions like Africa! La Gondola is his first sole venture, which opened only 6 weeks ago. Business seems to be picking up though and judging by the taste of his food, he'll definitely need to be expanding soon!

store front - completely unassuming. i loved the atmosphere! though Stroll Bar was seriously pumping next door :P

the menu - reasonable prices, especially for the portion size! they also have a selection of gelato and homemade tiramisu for dessert.

we were going to order 2 pizzas but realising that was a bit over-ambitious for two people, settled on a salad and pizza. turned out to be the perfect choice because this mozzarella salad was heavenly! super fresh and I love the olive oil they use.

it came with a huge dome of focaccia which we probably shouldn't have polished off because this was in store:

proscuitto pizza - tomato sauce, mozzarella, proscuitto, rocket, olives, parmagano and oregano.

This was definitely my kind of pizza - better than 208 and Paisano's (and I loved both of those). It was thin-crust, not too heavy on the sauce, the parmagano and rocket were lovely and fresh... and the happiest part? I could easily fold it up to take big mouthfuls of deliciousness! :D

We ended our meal with scoops of gelato - he got vanilla, I had lemon. It was nice and refreshing, though I'll definitely be back to try their tiramisu. And the Siciliana pizza which was highly recommended by the owner for anyone who likes a bit of a kick!

This pizzeria is an amazing find, so get there quick before it becomes too busy! They also do free delivery within the area.

Pizzeria La Gondola
4, Mee Lun St., Central
Tel: +852 2581-9555