Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beijing Redux

Yesterday I started off my morning with freshly made 粢饭 and piping hot 豆浆. It brought me back to memories of breakfasts in Beijing, where I spent a good five months attempting to improve my Mandarin and instead came back with just a very full belly. I miss my life there - early morning bike rides to school, cramming for exams at ten years cafe, ridiculously cheep beer gardens and Wednesday ladies nights! But what I miss most are these three things:

1. 烤鸭!! Especially 大董's version where the ducks are leaner but still meltingly succulent. Far better than the famed 全聚德 which always left me feeling slightly sick.

love the duck chopsticks holders :)


forget what this was but it was yummy!

...not a great photo of the kaoya but too eager to eat!

2. 包子饺子 from this unassuming shop in wudaokou.

old school

bao zi! :)

jiao zi! :)

shao mai!

enjoying all 3!

3. Hatsune! Okay, it's strange that a Japanese restaurant is one of the things I miss most about Beijing but where can you find such creative rolls in Hong Kong?? They should open a branch here!

the interior of the Sanlitun branch. pretty eh?

sashimi platter was so-so...but the rolls...

er... tuna... topped with unagi... i suppose? yummy!

"butterfly roll" - tempura shrimp, snow crab, avocado, and unagi

didn't get a chance to take a photo before everyone dug in... but this was the ultimate indulgence "pimp-my-roll" (avocado, soft shell crab, topped with salmon and albacore and unagi sauce)

my favourite the "south beach roll" - fresh scallops, spicy tuna and cucumber topped with torched maguro, unagi sauce and sesame)

very satisfied :D