Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'll Have What She's Having

After years of testing the patience of friends, making them standby while I take at least five shots of the same dish, I've finally managed to start this blog. I guess moving back to Hong Kong and being constantly bombarded by bakeries, cha chaan tengs, street food, and of course those requisite hotel restaurants flaunting their Michelin stars, has renewed my enthusiasm for eating out and my apathy towards cooking. Perhaps it isn't the healthiest of lifestyles but I figure, I'm young. Might as well indulge while I still can!

I don't know if I'm just excessively greedy but whenever I eat out, I always covet what my friend is having. Or whatever food is on the adjacent table. Or even in the adjacent restaurant. While revisiting the Mandarin Grill last week, I ordered the rib eye - the Mandarin's version is one of my favourites in Hong Kong. However, when a waiter came out and delivered this:

to the table next to mine, I decided I had to have it too. I believe my sister ordered it once and it looked delicious then too. A quick conversation revealed it to be their pork shoulder, something I would generally avoid. However, I loved the presentation and the girl seemed so pleased with it that I amended my order and eagerly awaited the arrival of the dish.

When it came, it was just as beautiful and in retrospect, thoroughly enjoyable, yet I couldn't help eying my friends rib eye. Luckily, having the great friends that I do, I was able to steal a piece. It was delicious, succulent, and cooked a perfect medium rare. I wished it were all mine..

I'm not quite sure what the moral of this story is... whether it means the grass really is greener on the other side or if it's the converse?