Wednesday, June 20, 2012

main st. deli

The first time I visited Main St. Deli back in twenty ten, I really enjoyed my meal. I loved the diner ambiance, the deliciously thick milkshakes, and of course the American-sized portions. However, when I revisited last weekend I was sorely disappointed. Not sure if it's because my taste buds have changed or if the deli really has gone downhill, but I'm pretty sure I won't be back anytime soon.

strawberry milkshake (back) and peanut butter shake ($75 each)
The strawberry milkshake was one of the biggest disappointments, tasting more like strawberry milk. It wasn't creamy or thick at all - I would've much preferred slurping up McDonald's trusty shakes even with all its artificial flavourings and yummy chemicals :P The peanut butter shake fared better on its texture (I'm sure it's near impossible to make a peanut butter shake watery) but was just too heavy on the peanut butter flavours for me to enjoy.

thre french quarter ($138)
Trying to be slightly healthier, I opted for the French Quarter - ham, brie and honey mustard on a baguette should be hard to mess up. However, I found the slow baked ham lacked flavour, the baguette tasted stale, and the brie was added very sparingly. The sandwich actually tasted a bit like what I've had at Le Velo except Le Velo is yummier and a fraction of the price.

eggs bene ($138)
The eggs bene was okay flavour-wise (I wonder why they didn't use the same honey roasted ham for my sandwich??)  but the poached eggs wereabyssmal. If there's no runny yolk, it's definitely a fail. Also thought it a bit strange to receive french fries with the eggs!

grilled chicken club ($138)
I didn't try any of this but I thought it was a rather measly portion considering the price. Basically just grilled chicken (looked more deep fried to me?!), BLT and avocado on a sesame roll.

prawn club ($138)
This sounded pretty delicious - apple wood bacon, avocado and prawns on foccacia. Unfortunately, the bread tasted day-old here too...

curly fries (+$8)
You can add an additional $8 to change your regular fries/salad to curly fries! Hurrah! The first yummy thing I had! The curly fries came with delicious melted cheese and reminded me of the Hardees curly fries I used to love - why did they have to exit HK!?

beef lasagne ($168)
This lasagne was also pretty darn good, just because of the amounts of cheese they piled on top! Anything doused in cheese will be an automatic win in my books. The plate came out looking huge but it was actually quite manageable as the dish was really shallow. Still, a super heavy course for lunch!

I suppose not everything was a miss but for the prices you pay, I really didn't think the meal was worth it. I would much rather head to Oolaa / Sashay for eggs bene, Joel Robuchon's salon de the for baguette sandwiches (which are only $48!), McDonalds for milkshakes and Grappa's for lasagne - none of which would've charged quite so steeply.

Main St. Deli
Lower Lobby Level
The Langham Hong Kong
8 Peking Road, TST