Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I'm always on the look out for good steak in Hong Kong and think I've finally found my match. This unassuming steakhouse in Hang Hau village dishes up beautifully tender chunks of meat at very attractive prices. Begun in 2002 by a seasoned meat supplier, Lardos is everything I want in a steakhouse - premium cuts without the additional fuss. The restaurant is crowded, service minimal, and you get kicked out after an hour and a half, but all this adds to the no-frills attitude of the restaurant which focuses solely on delivering great steaks.

ribs ($139)

new zealand lemon sole ($198)

australian mb2 ribeye steak ($195/8oz)

You can choose whether to have mashed potatos, fries or wedges with your steak, and there are also a variety of sauces including bearnaise, mushroom and black pepper. Being a meat purist, I opted for no sauce and the steak was perfect without. It was grilled to a lovely medium rare and was very tender and juicy.

I would definitely come back for their quality meats, perfect grilling techniques and very discounted prices. If only I could still pass for 12 years old, I would jump on their kids meal of mini burgers with fries and cheese too!

4-B, G/F, Hang Hau Village
Tseung Kwan O