Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cafe Causette Mini Burgers

From now until 25th March, Cafe Causette at the Mandarin Oriental is dishing up five mini burgers for the irresistible price of $88 from 7-9pm. After sampling the five, you're invited to pick your favourite and the two burgers with the most votes will be placed on their regular menu (in big sizes of course!)

I arrived a bit early so was wandering around Prince's building and found myself in Oliver's. I was so excited to find my favourite juice from the States:

odwalla juice ($29)

This was my go-to drink whenever I got sick in Boston. I swear, you get better within the hour! It's packed with 1500% of the vitamin C you'd need for a day and it's oh so yummy :) Check out all the goodness in each bottle:

So if any of you are missing Odwalla, head on over to Oliver's and satisfy that craving :) Too bad they only stock two flavours - Strawberry C-monster and Odwalla OJ. It'd be great if they carried the smoothies and Odwalla bars but maybe that's just me being greedy.

We got to Mandarin and ordered two servings of the mini burgers. Lucky they brought out complimentary bread because the burgers were tiny!

cheese bread!

This was delicious! It came piping hot out the oven and had a lovely cheesy crust and super soft innards. Doused in the sour cream and chives dressing, I was in heaven. I don't know how anyone could do the Atkins diet!

mini burgers ($88)

These mini burgers are part of MO's "pulled meat" series. From top to bottom:
  1. braised pulled pork culottes - kentucky bbq sauce, XO mayo
  2. slow-cooked short rib pulled beef - kansas city rib sauce, bone marrow mayo
  3. stewed pulled lamb shoulder - east texas bbq sauce, mustard mayo
  4. confit corn-fed pulled chicken leg - north carolina bbq sauce, hot pepper mayo
  5. pork belly - kimchi, freshly shucked oysters
To be honest, the burgers pretty much tasted the same to me. Perhaps it's because there was so much sauce and bun, and very little meat. And really, who can tell the difference between kentucky, kansas city, and east texas bbq sauce?! I wasn't a fan of the bun either - it wasn't grilled and tasted just like a normal sandwich bun. If I had to pick, I'd say the braised pulled pork and the short rib pulled beef were probably my top choices but I really wasn't too impressed with any of them, especially the pork belly with oysters. But hopefully these glitches are just to do with the mini-size of the burgers?

We also ordered a side of fries (for $58) which were alright but I'd prefer McDonald's fries dipped in strawberry milkshake :P

Considering it's only $88, do check it out for yourselves. Who knows, maybe it's just my taste buds that are off!

Cafe Causette
M/F, Mandarin Oriental
5 Connaught Road Central