Monday, November 14, 2011

Opus Grill

I have always heard good things about Opus Grill and I love popping up there for a quiet drink - there's always booths available and they make killer cocktails tailored to suit your preferences! I visited for dinner last Saturday and found the restaurant pretty much empty...Felt a bit bad for them considering everywhere else in Central is usually fully booked on the weekend.

I liked their pretty plates though they were taken away from us after we sat down :( We were also harassed by the sommelier to try their sparkling wine which apparently is very rare and a gem we could not miss out on because it was sourced from Portugal... as neither of us were interested in ordering any wine, the hard sell was a bit annoying. Probably pushed me even farther away from ordering anything to drink! On the other hand, there was a super sweet waiter who ran down to 7-11 to pick up Panadol for us to cure our pounding headaches from a day out in the sun surrounded by pushy Chinese kids and their equally rude parents...That's pretty good service :)

blue stilton cheese salad

Appetizer was a very light and fresh salad with a beautiful honey & wholegrain dressing. Loved the salad mix, especially the julienned carrots, and the blue cheese paired well with the mixed leaves and red onions. Delicious and simple - my kind of salad :)

french onion soup

I'm not a big fan of french onion soup which is usually far too strong and pungent for my liking. However, this one wasn't too clawing (probably because the melted cheese wasn't actually melted on top of the soup) so it went down okay. I liked the little cheese croquette to the side which I happily soggified in the soup :)

lime sorbet

Nice and refreshing palate cleanser after the heavy soup. Mmm, I wanted to lick up the sugar around the rim!

david blackmore wagyu flat iron steak

This was what I was looking forward to!! I had heard great things about their steaks so was excited to see how it held up to the steak I had last weekend at One-thirtyone. Unfortunately, this one wasn't quite as good but definitely still one of the better ones I've had in HK. The middle chunk was beautifully cooked to medium rare, but the sides were slightly tough. I did enjoy the little pot of corn stew (full of butter mmm) and the roasted sweet garlic cloves spread on bread (the first time I've tried something like that!) Altogether, pretty decent dish though I wished there were some fries or mashed potatoes on the side. Perhaps too decadent.

mixed berry cheesecake

Not usually a fan of cheesecake either, but this one was so fluffy it went down pretty easily and was a nice light end to the meal. The raspberries and blueberries were very plump and sweet, and I enjoyed the mango coulis at the bottom - wished they had given more!

The above meal cost $428, really good value for the amount of food we got and the quality. Not exactly an outstanding meal, but far better than Chez Patrick and I left full and satiated :) Perhaps I've been spoilt by one-thirtyone... :P

Opus Grill
7/F LKF Tower
33 Wyndham Street
Lan Kwai Fong, Central