Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Chicken Man

I love chicken and was so so excited when I saw the Chicken Man appear on High Street, about a two-minute walk from my apartment :) It serves rotisserie chickens reminiscent of the type I saw all over Paris with the chicken fat soaked potatoes mmm!

On our first visit there, we were highly disappointed to discover that they did not serve chicken wings. After we put up a big fuss, the owner finally took our advice and put them on the menu which was the best business decision he could have made because they are absolutely fantastic - I went back twice within three days just to order them!

chicken noodle soup ($25)

This was so so comforting. I probably should've taken a picture of the yummy contents of the soup but it included a substantial amount of shredded chicken and fusilli pasta, one of my favourites! The broth was really soothing and I could definitely have this everyday - especially with the weather starting to get slightly chillier. I advise you bring a bread roll to go with it!

chicken roll ($25)

Pretty self explanatory, this was just chicken mayo on a small bread roll. It was quite okay but I thought there was a tad too much mayo. However, the bread was gently toasted and I loved the light crispiness of it :)

chicken baguette ($45)

This was HUGE! It was basically slices of chicken stuffed into a baguette that turned very soggy and messy as a result of the heaps of gravy poured on top. While I enjoyed this, I felt that it was far too big and got a bit tedious to eat after a while. I also would have preferred chicken, gravy and mashed potatoes rather than in baguette form.

chicken wings ($60)

And now...the star of the show. I will keep coming back to eat these chicken wings which had me attacking them like a carnivore! According to my friend, a self-acclaimed chicken connoisseur who has a penchant for eating a ridiculous amount of chicken wings that could probably feed a family of four (think KFC family meal combo buckets), these are without a doubt the best chicken wings in Hong Kong. They were super juicy, super flavourful, super tender and just finger-licking good! I liked how they were roasted as well, making them feel slightly healthier despite me polishing off all the skin. They were perfect without needing any sauce, though they are served with two sauces (I like the peri peri and the Chinese BBQ). Considering the portion size (the wings were extra large), it's great value too!

You really should get to the Chicken Man, if only to try these chicken wings. They also have good lunch sets, which range from $40 - $50. My favourite is one that includes a chicken leg, rice and vegetables, and chicken noodle soup / daily soup (their pumpkin isn't bad either!)

UPDATE - I went back today for a delicious lunch:

lunch set C ($45)

Chicken was nice and juicy (yay thighs!) and I really like the accompanying vegetables which I happily scoffed down with my rice. The lunch set also comes with a bowl of soup so it's really good value, and if you're a student you get a free box drink too! I haven't had Hi-C lemon tea in sooo long :)

kiddies lunch ($40)

This is only available to students and doesn't come with a soup so I actually think the regular lunch is better value. The french fries here are yummy though - not quite sure what they sprinkle on top but it's like my beloved shake shake fries!

68% chocolate brownie ($29)

Due to the generosity of the owner, we received free chocolate brownies each! Haha he definitely knows what girls like ;) I only wished I had added a scoop of their vanilla movenpick ice cream and this would have been perfect.

The Chicken Man
72 High Street,
Sai Ying Pun